What are Stretch Ceilings?

The use of stretch ceilings in Europe is on the rise. Many designers and architects are advising their clients to use stretch ceilings when refurbishing their business premises and homes. The reasons for the increased popularity of stretch ceilings include their high reliability, low cost of maintenance and the availability of a range of designs to choose.

Why should you use stretch ceilings?

  • It offers superior light reflection, enhancing the beauty of the pools.
  • Better and improved acoustics.
  • Gives a decorative touch to the place.
  • The ceiling is maintenance free and water impermeable and no extra decorations are needed.
  • The stretch ceilings will not crack or flake.
  • Are absolutely hygienic, clean and recyclable, making it environment-friendly as well.
  • Washable and easy to clean.
  • Offer the possiblity to hide the ugly ceilings, pipework and bulkheads.
  • Condensation, moisture and chlorine don’t have effect on them.

Here are the benefits of stretch ceilings :