Project Description

Domestic Pools & Spas

One of the essential characteristics of Stretch Ceiling practice is that material is untouched by condensation, chlorine, sulphur and other acid properties. For those Stretch Ceilings are appropriate to be used in different pool surroundings. The layer of the material is impermeable and will produce a haze block ensuring that no destructive vapours pass through the ceiling.

Stretch Ceilings don’t need any paint or caring and is warranted from our company for 12 years. The Stretch Ceiling is recyclable, sterile and hypoallergenic, so will be perfect for your pool. Stretch Ceilings will help you to produce a new design for your pool room or your spa. We can implement any requirements which you have and provide some of our ideas and design.

Your pool or your spa will have a unique design with our Stretch Ceilings, more attractive and light. So if you decided to make a change, we are always ready to help you