Project Description

Stretch Ceilings in Pools & Spas

The stretch ceilings are suitable for being installed in all types of swimming pools, spas and can even be used in private clubs or local authority run pools.

These types of ceilings can be used in combination with most types of fixtures and fittings such as grilles, smoke detectors, sprinklers and many others. These ceilings require minimum background support, don’t add unnecessary weights and don’t create any cracks or disruptions. They can also be used in steam rooms where they remain unaffected, even in a heavily moisture-laden atmosphere.

It doesn’t require extra decoration or maintenance and has a life of twelve long years. Given the low costs and easy installation, this is quite a revolutionary idea to enhance the beauty of pools and spas without going overboard with the expenses.

The sheet materials are pre-finished, waterproof and create a vapour barrier system, that stops the corrosive vapours from seeping into the ceilings and damaging the steelwork involved.

So if you are wondering how you can make your pool look better without burning a big hole in your pocket and saving time and human labour as well, stretch ceilings are the answer to your problem.