DESCOR® Echo Materials

Stretch Ceilings and Walls can be done by different materials which you can choose,depended on your desires and requirements.  All the textiles are compatible to print and express various types of graphic reproductions that would fit in any public institution,  or even your home. Here are the most used materials which we can offer you:

  • DESCOR® premium is a high-end textile which transforms any room in a beautiful  space; they are designed for different applications such as ceiling or wall covering.
  • DESCOR® premium acoustic is a perfect solution for daily noise. This material has the property to absorb the noise and is used for different spaces like offices, schools or even for homes.
  • DESCOR® Antibac: is a perfect material which can be used in special medical centers, like hospitals, dental clinics, where the main priority is to maintain a high level of hygiene. This material offers 99.99% protection to fight with bacteria.
  • Silencio5 is a different material because has a 5mm thickness and honeycomb  structure. This material is perfect for acoustic rooms, because the property has the ability to absorb the sound.
  • Akutex offers a big pallet of colors for any desires. This material makes part from Class A of sound absorption and it’s a great idea to be used for your home transformations.
  • Artist Mambo is another amazing material, which offers a light diffusion, very elastic and is a good choice for LED frames.
  • Softimage Lightbox is the only 100% crease-free even after printing. This material
    provides a combination between illumination and colors.